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Its 'Frendor' time

Hey there lovers! Welcome to the first of my ‘Frendor’ emails. I can’t wait to share a whole heap of my favourite vendors with you, so you can get to know them a little more and soak up all the tips and advice they have for you. Eeeeee, so much goodness for you! My first lovely friend is Kelly from Kelly Mossop Photography. Kelly and I met a few years ago when I was a newbie celebrant having a branding shoot around Fremantle with some fellow celebrants. Kelly and I instantly clicked, and I knew I wanted to be friends with her. She's full of light, fun and kindness for all those around her. When I got the pictures back, I L.O.V.E.D every single one of them! After having a few shoots previously with other photographers (and not loving the pics I received back might I add), I was so excited to see that Kelly captured my personality (and weirdness) so accurately. I have since worked with her at multiple weddings and can personally vouch for how much she cares for her couples and the people involved in their day. If your vibe is light, airy, fun, beautiful photos, Kelly is 100% your girl. Book her now and I promise you won't regret it! Learn more about her below, and look at some of her fabulous work too. Krissy xx P.s Just for fun, here is a link to a reel Kelly and I made... We are practically famous now, 11 thousand hits and counting... But shows how much fun and energy we can and will bring to your day! Instagram Reel of Kelly + Krissy


What made you start your business? My mother was a photographer and as a little girl, I was in awe of her beautiful photographs from her worldwide travels. I always gravitated to the ones of people and found myself imagining their stories and lives and being drawn to their smiles. Then when I started studying film photography, I fell in love with the magic of developing an image in the darkroom and how a memory could be preserved forever. Looking at a photograph has the ability to bring back so many thoughts, feelings and emotions from a specific moment in time and I in particular love being able to capture that for someone’s wedding day.

Can you describe your style? My images showcase authentic emotions and colours, whilst being fun, light and emotive.

What sets you apart from others in the industry? I pride myself on giving my clients THE BEST experience during their Wedding photography as possible! It’s not just about creating beautiful images, I want my couples and their friends/family to come away saying “oh my! That was so much fun!”. Often, I have people say that they were nervous beforehand, but then they felt so comfortable during the session and had a really good time. Even the partners that “hate photos”.

Do you have any tips and tricks you would love to share? It’s all about creating the best vibe on the day! Surround yourself with the people who bring sunshine to your life and who you know you will have a good time with! Whether that is your Wedding party of vendors! I love to play games with my couples, so they aren’t worried about what they look like, as they are too busy laughing at their partner or having a good time.

Funniest moment for you in your career? I am pretty clumsy, so usually I have to explain to my couples that it’s very likely I will fall over or trip on my own feet and not to be alarmed haha

What trends are you loving at the moment? I am loving the bright colour pallets for florals and wedding decor

What are you most proud of? I was recently awarded the Winner for Wedding Photography in Western Australia in the ABIA Weddings Australia awards. This was awarded for a 99.9% customised satisfaction rating from numerous wedding client reviews, something I am super grateful for and proud of! I am also so honoured and proud when my clients choose to come back and book me for future photoshoots for other special life milestones. That makes me SO happy!

What's a quick DO and DON'T from all the weddings you have seen? Do your research when it comes to booking vendors! This can make or break your wedding day! Don’t forget to check the sunset times for the day of your wedding prior to determining the ceremony start time. Have a chat to your photographer for advice!

How early should a couple start the conversation with you? As soon as you have booked a date and venue! I often book out for popular months well in advance, sometimes 2 years in advance. So it’s better to secure your favourite vendors asap!

Some final advice for you… Your celebrant and photographer are BIG important choices and can have a big impact on how your day runs. Krissy and I are the Dream team and love working together! Look no further!

For more of her fabulous work and to get in touch, head to Kelly's website or socials.


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