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Its 'Frendor' time

Hello hello hello,

Its time for more Frendor chats! I would love to introduce you to the gorgeous Tahnee from Miller Rose Botanic.

I met Tahnee in Jan 2022. I was searching for a florist who would bring my own wedding vision alive - and it was a big vision. Pretty sure I sent over 100 DM’s about the vision I had for the reception tables alone - sorry girl!

She is my go to for florals, workshops (I love her christmas wreath workshop), and advice on all things plants!

So, even though my wedding didn't go ahead, I made a friend for life, and I know you will too.

What I love the most about Tahnee is her vision to be as eco-friendly as possible, to always think outside the box, and her confidence to tell you if something won't work (trust your experts everyone)!

Tahnee most recently helped me create the most beautiful expo display, my dream was plants, candles and disco balls, and she understood the assignment, I mean look at the set up below *chefs kiss*

Plus on top of this, she is fabulously talented and SUPER nice. I could honestly spend hours praising her magical self and business.

Learn more about her business and fabulous work below.

Krissy xx


What made you start your business? I was on maternity leave with my (at the time) 5 month old daughter and the thought of going back to an office job I didn’t love made me feel physically sick. I knew it was time for a change!

Can you describe your style? Natural, plants, in season flowers

What sets you apart from others in the industry? We focus on sustainable floristry and focus on using plants instead of flowers (the ultimate eco option!) - we have never and will never use floral foam, use local, in season flowers as much as possible, donate to local not for profits, compost green waste and recycle all packaging we can ❤️ I’m always learning to try and find new ways I can make my business even more sustainable.

Do you have any tips and tricks you would love to share? If you are wanting to keep the cost down of your wedding flowers opt for local in season flowers rather than imported ones. Reuse your ceremony flowers as much as you can - arbours can be moved inside and make a great backdrop for your cake/bridal table/photo area. Bouquets can be placed in jars and used to decorate your gift table/bar/bridal table if you like!

What trends are you loving at the moment? I’m LOVING whimsical, natural growing centerpieces. Think moss with flowers and plants coming out of them 😍

What are you most proud of? Being able to provide an eco/sustainable option for couples Donating for to a local not for profit that plants a tree for every wedding I book.

What's a quick DO and DON'T from all the weddings you have seen? Don’t - think babies breath is a cheap alternative. It’s actually quite expensive and you need a lot of it to get it to look really full. Do - choose a florist you trust, it will make the whole process so much smoother and less stressful Don’t - think you need to know flower types/flower seasons - your florist has got your back and can let you know what flowers they think will work best How early should a couple start the conversation with you? As soon as they decide on a date! We currently have bookings at the end of 2024 so it’s never to early.

For more of her fabulous work and to get in touch, head to the website or socials.


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