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What do I keep a secret from you..?

So, I preach full involvement from both of you on your wedding day, but I do myself keep one thing a secret from you and your big day!.... and that's you seeing THE SCRIPT before the day! Now, MOST celebrants will send you a copy of your ceremony script before the day, but NOT me!

And here's why...

What's a script anyway?

You will hear me talking about your script and your love story a lot. Your script is all the plans, love stories to share, vows - legal and person, music choices and all the fun things that we have created together for your ceremony.

Plus, additional notes for me, like prompts for me to check on the day, housekeeping to do, transitions, cheat sheets of key moments for your other vendors and key people to know (parents, besties etc).

It’s essentially your wedding day ‘Play Book’ for me - any How I Met Your Mother fans here? #IYKYK

Because of all these notes, I always create a few different versions of the script, one for me on the day, with ALL the above and more, and a keepsake one for you to keep, which is just your ceremony minus all the notes I additionally keep a track of. This keepsake one I print and leave with your certificate and vows in an envelope as a memento for you to have, allowing you to be able to look back on and read over whenever you want to relive your ceremony memories.

So why the big secret?

Well, it's all about the raw, genuine, honest emotions. These emotions are the memories you will have for your whole lives and be key memories on your big day.

Because you haven't seen what I am going to say, you are IN the moment, FEELING the moment and not just waiting for your favourite part of the ceremony.

You have absolutely NO idea what your lover has told me, and you can’t wait to hear what they have said about you and how they described your love to me.

Why am I telling you this?

Because, not everyone likes this big secret on their day… and that's okay!

I am honest and tell all couples long before they book me. If you are someone who wants to see your script and have some control over it, we probably are not a match (sad face). BUT, I know you will find your celebrant and I will always send celebrants to you if that's the case whom I know send scripts.

This is the beauty of amazing vendors, we truly want the best day for you both, and in my case, and so many others, I am always so happy when you find your perfect celebrant match (even if that's not me!)

Moral of the story, (in my opinion) leave the script a secret, enjoy the laughs, the giggles, the tears, the eye rolling, and all the emotions in between, you will love it I promise!

Until next time,


AKA your Celebrant + Miss of Ceremonies


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