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Welcome to my 'Inner Musings' blog(ish)

Hello, hello, hello!

Welcome to my first ‘Inner Musings’ blog! 💕

I am excited to bring lots of fun and exciting wedding things to your inbox. My aim is to get your creative brain flowing with all the fun ideas we can incorporate into your wedding day, whilst helping with some education and reasons for why we do some things. Armed with all this info, we will make your celebration even more uniquely YOU.

It is my number one goal as a celebrant and MC to help you create your wedding YOUR way!

Who am I, and why am I in your inbox?

’m Krissy, Celebrant and Miss of Ceremonies, and lover of all thing's weddings. I am a crazy dog mum to my two beautiful Mini Schnauzers, Winston and Nora. I love a good cocktail, anything glittery and sparkly, KFC is life and of course chatting about all thing's weddings.

I created this ‘blog’ as I was having the same chats over with couples, and realised there is a lot of education and sharing to still be shared to all couples out there, just like you!

Knowledge on things such as, what is a legal requirement and what's not, and what language is used during the ceremony, topics such as who you invite to your celebration, and sharing the reason behind traditional elements/rituals that you can add to your day, but also sharing the meaning behind the ritual etc.

The list goes on…

So, ‘Inner Musings’ was born, and I want to share everything I possibly can with you.

What you will be seeing in your inbox?

  • Frendor Interviews (that's friends who are vendors, aka my industry besties),

  • Tips and tricks for the big day,

  • Advice on all thing's weddings,

  • Money saving ideas, like where to splurge and where to save!

  • Traditions to keep and break, fun ways of doing things.

Generally, just all the things in my head that I think you might like to know. 😁

Now, will these blogs be grammatically correct, NOPE.

Will they have typos? Probs!

But I am only human, and I get too excited and type quickly! Ha!

Are there any topics you would like me to cover?

Please send me an email, leave a comment, or DM me and let me know.

I am so looking forward to sharing all the goodness I have created for you.

Until next time,


AKA your celebrant + Miss of Ceremonies


P.s - Please subscribe at the bottom of the page if you never want to miss a blog and I shall sneak these into your inbox. ✔


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