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I'M Krissy!


Well, legally I am Kristie Ann Golding.. but honestly who even spells it correctly with a K and an IE anyway? (Thanks Mum!) I also answer to Boss, Sparkles, The Gatekeeper, Mother Hen, Godmum, Miss K, and Aunty Krissy.

I am a mid 30 something ex Executive Assistant, ex FIFO worker and now Perth based (still in mining shiftwork) and an Australian Celebrant.


And I am loving life!

BUT... Who am I and what have I done to deserve the absolute HONOUR of marrying up incredible couples like you?

For starters, I have been a bridesmaid eight times now. Yes, eight. I've also worked in the wedding and events industry for many years and I have seen a lot, and I mean A LOT of ceremonies. After one too many ceremonies thinking to myself, "I heard this last week" or "Oh no, this is the same script as a few weeks ago" and always feeling tempted to steal the mic and take over, I vowed to become a celebrant myself one day. 


However, I didn't just want to be any old celebrant, I wanted to be known for making every ceremony magical, memorable and fitting to YOU. 

Leaving the hustle and bustle of corporate CBD work and flying into remote camps has changed my life perspective and made me appreciate love and partnerships so much more. FIFO is pretty common to most of us here in Perth, well Australia really, and sitting in the bar on-site and listening to the love stories that people have, even whilst being so far from away from their loved ones, made my "one day I'll do it" dream to become a celebrant something I decided to do sooner rather than later. So I signed up, smashed that course out in record time, and waited patiently (well that's not true, I was very impatient) for the Attorney General to approve my registration. 

Which leads me to you! You have found me among the thousands (slight exaggeration, slight - we are everywhere though) of Australian Celebrants, and you have made it this far and are still reading. To me these are all amazing signs that we're going to absolutely get along and create the most amazing ceremony together.


So if you want a unique wedding ceremony that is 100% your way or the highway, and this means honestly YOUR way - there are a few legal words we need to say, but everything else can be mixed up, thrown around, and made perfectly fitting to you - then please reach out and let's get chatting!

From all the details already planned, to the love story that is you, I can't wait to hear all about it.

Love, Krissy

Krissy was the best MC and Celebrant you could ask for!


Without Krissy's help, our wedding would not have been anywhere near as awesome. We highly recommended her! Thanks Krissy.

Vick + Bhavna

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Photo Credit: FS Media

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