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  • How do we get married in Australia?
    There are a few legal points to note, you both must be over 18 (or have a court order in place allowing the marriage if you're aged 16-18) and you must not be related to each other. There are some forms to fill out, but the most important one to start the process is called a Notice of Intent to Marry (NOIM). We need to lodge your NOIM at least one calendar month before the wedding. As your celebrant, I will also need to witness your ID documents. Passports and driver's licence are usually the easiest. If you have been married previously, I also need to see your divorce paperwork. As close to the wedding as possible you have one more form, your Declaration of No Legal Impediment to Marriage (DONLIM), this is a declaration that there is no legal reason why you can't get married, eg underage, or currently married to another. On the wedding day we will sign 3 certificates, one for you, one for me and one for BDM! And then VOILA you are married! YAY!
  • How long does a ceremony go for?
    So, mine are all about 30 mins. I always advise my couples to leave 40 mins for ceremony, so that we can have fun, keep your guests involved, some cheeky surprises and ensure all the legal boxes are ticked.
  • Should we write our own vows?
    This one is a "hella YES" from me! And honestly probably a non-negotiable for my couples. The ceremony is all about YOUR promises to each other, and your vows should reflect this. "But Krissy, I'm crap with writing!!" Don't stress, I've got you. I have plenty of tips and advice to share along the way, plus my Vow 101 booklet, as well as 'vibe checking' to make sure your vows are well suited to each other. No one wants one person to be funny and the other to be all serious! So I will make sure you match, yet still keep your vows a secret from each other.
  • Rehearsals? Yes or No?
    Contrary to popular belief, rehearsals are not needed. Since I have been a celebrant, approx. only 7% of my couples have a rehearsal. Why is this? Firstly, the preparation we put into your wedding day, reassures you, and you will feel most of the time you don't need one. I have seen and been at a lot of Perth's venues, so I know your entry point, and there are things I suggest along the way to minimise any stress and nerves. PLUS you get an hour of your life back in the week of the wedding! Winning! Secondly, your wedding is not a stage production, go with the flow, have fun, and I will be there to see you before we begin, and at the end of the walk to guide you into position, resulting in a picture-perfect wedding party - leaving your guests thinking you had a rehearsal, when in actual fact you were sipping a wine/beer/cocktail!
  • What name do we sign on the certificates?
    Short answer, your current name - the one that you woke up with on the day of the wedding! Why? Well technically you have to sign the certificate before you are considered legally married. Once this is signed, then you are married, and then can you start the steps to change your name if you are going to. ​ Remember you don't HAVE to change your name if you don't want to. Lots of couples these days hyphen names, or make a whole new name up together.
  • What if you are sick on the day or something happens to you?
    Here in WA I am lucky enough to have the support of some incredible celebrants and have many cele-besties that I can call on in an emergency., no matter the location of your wedding. So rest assured that you will still be able to marry, and you will have the ceremony you deserve and we have planned 💜.
  • What equipment do you have?
    Only the best of the best for you! I have a gorgeous Bose PA, and the Sennheiser microphone. All of my equipment is battery operated, so we don't need to worry about pesky cords everywhere in your pictures (or trying to find a power plug). What if something goes wrong I hear you ask? Well... I also have a back up mic (corded), and I can also shout really loud if speaker technology fails me... ​ My speaker is also there for you to use before the ceremony. I have some neutral music that I can play, or you are welcome to connect via Bluetooth and play your selected song(s). Better yet, pick your faves and send me the playlist then I can play it for you.
  • What will you wear to the ceremony?
    I do love a cute outfit, so don't worry I won't be turning up in a three-piece suit from Nanna's wardrobe... Unless that's your vibe, then I'm all for it and am ready to go Op Shop perusing! I really actually prefer it if you request a colour for me to wear, or a dress you have seen on my feed, as it makes my getting ready so much easier 😆 However, if not I will blend perfectly with your wedding party!
  • Fees, what's included and what's not...
    My fee includes pretty much everything for a Perth wedding. Including all your legal paperwork taken care of and on time, planning meetings, personal vow writing assistance, vendor knowledge, my equipment (speakers, mics, use of vow holders), myself creating a magical ceremony that is all about YOU two, nerve settler, joke teller, and crowd organiser, and travel of 50kms from Inglewood.
  • Extra Fees
    My fees stated on my website are all inclusive of travel withing 50kms of Inglewood. For travel elsewhere I charge a small travel fee. At the moment this fee is $350 on top of your ceremony fee. If I MC, I also charge for accommodation. I directly pass on the amount paid by me to yourself, so that there is no loss/gain from accommodation. As the price of accommodation fluctuates all the time, I no longer charge a flat rate, and always discuss hotel/air BnB options etc with my couples upfront and honestly, always trying to book as early as possible to get the great rates! I also don't do rehearsals, so if you are really wanting one, and I am available - I have a rehearsal fee of $100 (for common locations such as Metro and the Swan Valley) You do however give you a rehearsal booklet to help you if you go ahead with one with your crew 🥂


If there something you are curious about that is not covered here, please get in touch and ask away!

Whether your query is about my celebrant or MC services, or something else entirely, no question is too big or too small, too silly or too serious.

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